Remember this while repairing

How to do an apartment renovation without making any mistakes?

We have to remember a lot of details while doing repairs, such as when to bring tiles, how far in advance to order a sofa, and where to put kitchen outlet placements. The body rids the memory of anything that looks trivial and secondary to it in order to protect the brain from overstraining. And when the repair is done, it becomes clear that you did not consider several factors. And it’s good if these mistakes can be fixed without having to go back and do the correction. If not, then?

We provide advice on what to take into account while making repairs to an apartment so that you won’t have to start over later. 


Using a switch 

gives you two locations from which to turn the light on and off. You won’t need to go back to the living room to switch off the light before leaving the house if you place it in the hallway.

Don’t make more than two duplicate switches in the flat to avoid overloading the system. Large rooms in a country house require redundant switches with three or more points, but this approach is unnecessary for an apartment.

Reflected light

You may connect the sconce after restoration, which would seem to indicate that nothing is irreparable. This is accurate, although neighboring outlets might not be available. Alternatively, there won’t be a pair, only one, for symmetrical illumination. Or the sconce’s cable is too short and does not extend to the outlet.

To connect the wall lamp in a concealed manner, it is ideal to provide solutions; the switch will be operated by two keys. But at least consider having the sockets at the proper location and height.

You won’t have shadows under your eyes if you use matte light bulbs for sconces and a lamp that lets you shine light directly into a mirror. You will also start to like the way you look in the mirror.

Living room

Hypothetical second light

It is good to have additional local lighting (sconces or floor lights) above the sofa or armchairs, using the same logic as with the sconces beside the mirror in the entryway. Planning this at the repair stage is crucial to avoid having wires wrap around the room. 

Supplementary sockets

Possibly next to the couch. Such a technique will make it possible to charge the phone while also connecting a floor lamp. You can create a USB connector in a conventional frame using the common sockets; sockets do not need to be standard.

One of the best options for such devices is considered a smart socket, for example — Socket from Ajax, which measures electricity consumption and can control devices through the mobile app from any part of the world.

Drapery control

It is convenient to lower and raise a technology curtain that is on an electric cornice without getting up from the couch. Instead of adding the next remote control, I suggest adding the switch’s control option and placing it in the same frame as the extra plugs. Additionally, you won’t need to search the entire living room for the remote. 

A kitchen outlet

Although they should be clear, for some reason they are frequently overlooked. Additionally, they occasionally neglect to attach the hood to the ventilation duct. To prevent such errors during apartment repairs, you must first arrange and order a set before beginning the kitchen’s repairs — in accordance with the plan for arranging furniture and appliances. 

Appliance plugs

All kitchen appliances must be directly connected to the mains without the use of extension cords or adapters. As stated in the instructions for electrical equipment, manufacturers of refrigerators are particularly severe in this regard. For this reason, a warranty may be declined. Set a limit on the amount of freestanding equipment that can be used and where it will be used in advance (where the steamer will work, where you will connect the mixer). Provide an appropriate outlet if the plug standard differs, which it frequently does with electric hobs.

Cabinet interior sockets

If you opt to install a microwave in the top row of cabinets, you will need this. Additionally, you need a number of outlets if additional appliances (coffee maker, toaster, etc.) operate in the closet.

Master socket in the bedroom for turning off the bedside light 

A dimmer would be better. Useful if getting out of a warm bed to switch out the lights bothers you.

For hanging clothes

Find a location for a little hanger in the bedroom to prevent keeping clothing on the bedside table. In the event that there isn’t enough room, you can screw a few hooks next to the bed. It is practical to hang items removed before going to bed or previously worn but clean garments worn to work.


Sink for hand washing

A washstand must be present in the restroom as a matter of hygiene. Don’t even bring up the shortage of space! Even the smallest bathroom can accommodate a compact washstand. Consider the models on the cistern lid as a final point.

Electrical outlets in bathrooms

In preparation, decide where the mirror will be, and indicate to the builders where the lighting wire should be run. The wire might protrude from behind a mirror cabinet if you intend to use one. You also need a power source if your hydromassage cabin plays music.

Additionally, you’ll require connectors for attaching a washer and dryer, a trimmer (for shaping beards), and a hair dryer close to the sink. Use specialized waterproof models and frames; there may be savings here.

Location for gathering linen

If clothes are folded inside the washing machine’s drum, they will degrade (or each time you need to make sure that it is wiped dry). Therefore, it is preferable to use a particular laundry sorting basket that has sections for colored, black, and white clothing. And a spot for her needs to be decided beforehand so that she doesn’t stand in the middle of the restroom.

Garment dryer

Think about where your clothes will dry after being washed if you don’t want to use a dryer. Otherwise, it will be necessary to use cabinet doors and clotheslines to handle the issue the old-fashioned way. A location where the laundry can be dried without you stumbling over the unfolded dryer in the middle of the living room is what I mean when I talk about a place for a dryer.

Possibility of an ironing board

Few people can consistently retrieve and reposition the ironing board (especially if there are several children in the family and the washing machine works non-stop). Therefore, the board typically sits in the room’s corner and gathers anything you were too lazy to hang up in the closet. A built-in ironing board will prevent clutter in the space. A basket for dry, unironed linen in close proximity to the board would be helpful. In order to stop at any time, you can, for example, push the board and the remaining laundry back into the closet.