The right light for reading in bed

Just as in other rooms of the house or apartment, the bedroom need proper lighting arrangements. It is essential to have additional light sources available for those who enjoy reading before bed to increase comfort and reduce eye strain.

There are numerous lighting fixture models available in our online home improvement store. This article will assist you in making the best decision while considering the objectives and general design of the room for a good night’s sleep.

How to select

It’s crucial to pay close attention to the details when selecting lighting for reading in bed because they might have an impact on both the comfort level and the eyes’ health.

  1. It is advised to use a warm glow for the bedroom because warm light is peaceful and calming. On the other hand, cold light shades might disrupt restful sleep. Furthermore, reading in bright light quickly wears out the eyes. 
  2. The reading light in the bed should be sufficient but not dazzling. Before retiring to bed, you can read at maximum brightness while minimizing the backlight if you choose a lamp with a dimmer (brightness level control). 
  3. Wall art or hanging lighting must be tightly fastened.
  4. Take into account the light flux’s direction. The individual who sleeps next to you shouldn’t be disturbed by the reading light in the bed. 
  5. Remember the visual impact. The bedside lamp for reading books should blend in with other design elements rather than becoming the focal point of the space.

Any reading lamp chosen for the bed must be able to fulfill its primary duty of maintaining a moderately bright, yet soft and unobtrusive illumination in the leisure area. You can do this to enjoy reading without endangering your vision.

How much illumination do you require to read?

Depending on the location and the power ratings of the lamps being used for lighting, modern lamps for reading books in bed vary.

The physical properties of light are considered, such as its brightness, intensity, and spectrum hue, which might be matte, colored, brilliant, chilly, or warm. Most frequently, a variety of lamp combinations are employed to create the desired lighting effect.

The permitted power rating for incandescent lamps in bedrooms is between 60 and 100 W, which is equivalent to 9 to 12 W for LED lamps. It is sufficient to utilize a light source with a power of 70 or 80 watts to read a book without squinting. You can use the bedroom’s space as a guide when selecting the lighting. The suggested luminous power is 15 watts per square meter.

Illumination generally for reading in bed

It’s not advised to have the main light in the bedroom too bright. It is much better for slumber when the illumination is not bright and even. Both the center and the edge of the ceiling can have a chandelier or other light source.

If there is a reading lamp over the bed, it may be able to do without a chandelier altogether. Spot lighting is appropriate for every interior design style. It only takes the installation of overhead or recessed lighting fixtures over the sleeping area to achieve this. Utilizing swivel spots, which make it simple to direct the light flux to the desired part of the room, is another choice for spot lighting for reading in the bedroom.

Various reading lamps for use in beds

You can utilize several zonal illumination design kinds to make it comfortable to read a book by your preferred author in bed at night.

Reading lamps are intended to be both stationary and rotating. The second choice, which offers the flexibility to change the light flow’s direction, is regarded as the most practical and adaptable. Bedside lamps are categorized in accordance with their position in addition to their design aspects.

Floor construction

Floor lamps not only provide lighting but also add decoration to the space. Moving floor lamps from one location to another is simple. Installing floor lamps too high will result in inadequate lighting for the reading area.

Wall lighting for reading over the bed

The reading wall lamp is a traditional bedroom lighting option. You can put a reading wall lamp in your bedroom anywhere that is suitable for you. It has directional light that illuminates the book pages. You may control the lighting without getting out of bed by positioning the lamp close to your bed.

Bedside lamp

Lamps installed inside the wall at the head of the bed are a common choice for nighttime zone lighting in bedrooms. The lamps are positioned on either side of the bed if it is made for two people. It is possible to read while sitting upright and not touching the lamp that is mounted over the bed.

Hanging lamps above the bed

The pendant lamps for the bedroom are different from the regular ones in that they are placed considerably closer to the bed and lower, rather than under the ceiling. The lamp over the reading bed casts almost no shadow and, unlike a chandelier, emits light in a specific direction. This method subtly draws attention to the reading nook and the bed’s head.

Thimble lamps

A portable type of lamp, clip-on reading sconces and candelabra can be fastened to any surface with unique clips-pins. These gadgets employ affordable LED bulbs with a warm glow spectrum, which do not strain the eyes and enable you to light only a small portion of the bedroom without upsetting family members.

Table lamp

Table lamps are typically placed on bedside tables in bedrooms. Lighting components for these lamps must be selected from those that produce diffused light and a warm emission spectrum. Table lamps typically have a short chord, so it’s crucial to have a separate socket as close to the light as feasible for its connection.

Lamps powered by batteries or the accumulator

You can enjoy reading in any suitable location in the bedroom, such as on the bed or in a comfortable armchair, by using table and wall lamps that are battery- or battery-operated. 

Flexible bedroom wall sconces

You can set up lighting for reading in bed by mounting a sconce on a flexible leg to the wall or ceiling. This type of lamp differs from others in how it illuminates. You can point the ceiling towards the printed edition’s pages if you wish to read before you go to sleep.

Turning the shade to the side makes it simple to direct the light to another location when it’s time to sleep. It is preferable if the lampshade is made of opaque material, plastic, or frosted glass since it makes it simpler to focus the light so that it does not damage your eyes.

Height of Sconce Over Reading Bed

A wall sconce with a reading light should be positioned in the bedroom at a height of about 60 cm from the bed or 150–200 cm from the floor to prevent individuals in the room from being blinded by the light from additional lamps.

What place is the switch?

In the reading bedroom, it is best to position the light above the bed so that the switch is within easy reach. In the event that this is not feasible, it may be worthwhile to install backup switches or a power switch close to the bed so that it is simple to disconnect the lamp from the power source without getting out of bed.


It is best to offer a variety of lighting alternatives in the bedroom, including soft general and directional zonal light, to make reading a true delight. The general design theme of the area should be considered while choosing reading lamps. Alternately, models are chosen that are neutral and will fit in well with any decor.